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Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers

Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers

With all of the cutting edge technology and hustle and bustle of this era, we’ve gotten nostalgic for “simpler” days, especially during the holiday season. Why not round off your Christmas decorations with a vintage Christmas tree lid?

Not only is it able to complete your Christmas decorations and fill your heart with Christmas joy, but it also adds more character to your home, as we have introduced below. Look at her!

Star tree crown with ivory pearls and platinum glass glitter

You will love this Star Tree Topper by Kurt Adler if you prefer a rustic Christmas decoration. It’s a 5-point star with platinum glitter and pearls that make it an elegant tree canopy. Because of its intricate pattern and details, it adds the shine every tree deserves, even those that are already glowing!

If you want to start your vacation with a classic that will also add shine to your tree, then this blingin topper decorated with sequins and glitter is the best choice!

Vintage inspired angel tree topper with light

Whether you’re into classic decorations and a tree topped with a traditional topper, or want to add something unexpected to your tree, you’re sure to find these all-time favorites from Hallmark Home & Gifts a must-have. Even if it’s a vintage tree ornament, it’s a glowing one, so you get the best of both worlds!

So if you want the unmistakably classic angel tree topper with a modern twist, then think of this one!

Vintage inspired holiday star tree toppers with lights

Every home could use a bit of kitsch this holiday season! Users love this stunning tri-color star tree lid for its many features! Not only is it illuminated by a constantly burning light bulb, but it also has numerous stylistic details, not to mention its unique retro look and feel. As a bonus, it comes with a metal cone base that makes it safe and easy to attach to your Christmas tree. A vintage Christmas tree topper packed with amazing features? Log in!

Vintage White Lifering with Rope Christmas Tree Topper Decoration

Think of this Vintage White Lifering by Handcrafted Nautical Decor as your whimsical treetop this holiday season for a rustic look. There is no better way for you to celebrate the holidays than with the symbol of life. It’s the perfect addition to your tree if you’re looking for an ornament that makes an impact. What’s even better is that it brings the beach into your living quarters!

It is handmade so there is no other canopy like the one you are about to get. It can also be easily attached to a tree.

10 Light Indoor Rattan Natural Star Tree Top

Bring the Christmas cheer into your home this holiday season with this eco-friendly rattan star tree topper! Once this indoor tree ornament is lit, its 10 clear light bulbs will undoubtedly be the focal point of your vacation setup. We love how whimsical it feels in 3D. It will undoubtedly go very well with your cool Christmas stockings and other trendy Christmas decorations. Add that with the extra light bulbs included in the package, a fuse, and a rough but beautiful look and you have the best vintage Christmas tree topper.

It measures 11.5 x 10.6 x 2.7 inches and has 60 inch brown wire which comes in handy when you have a large tree.

Light blue and silver treetop

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to know that this light blue and silver tree canopy is the perfect canopy to complete a winter Christmas tree! It is reminiscent of both a snowflake and a star, adding a touch of sparkling elegance to your home. What we love about this sparkling 5-point star from Kurt Adler is that it follows the number one style tip for the holidays: go for glitter!

Beautify your Christmas tree with this multi-pronged star tree lid made mostly of capiz. The natural construction, the brass-coated accents, the eye-catching geometric shape and the clean lines are not only what this particular treetop has to offer! Yes that’s right; It is one of the few Christmas decorations that has been carefully crafted and packaged with the best of features.

We’re talking about the Star Tree Topper’s double-sided design that makes it look amazing at any angle, its smoked capiz effect, the faux pearl accents, and the spiral base for quick and easy assembly! Are you looking for a winner? You check it out!

Angel Christmas tree topper in sequin dress

We won’t lie; We’re totally obsessed with Holiday Aisle’s Angel Christmas Tree Topper in sequin dress as there couldn’t be more vintage than this Angel Topper. Unlike before, they don’t do much of this vintage tree lid anymore. Fortunately, you can still get your hands on Wayfair.

It has fiberglass in shades of pink, green, yellow, purple and a lot more. In addition, the angel shows a delicate head with lush curls. Stocks are limited on this vintage Christmas tree topper. So hurry up before they run out!

Homespun Angel Tree Topper

This Homespun Angel Tree Topper is the most authentic touch that you can add to your Christmas tree. The earth-colored angel is a reminder of another era of Christmas celebrations. It comes with a bow around the angel’s waist and branch wings that are decorated with leaves and berries. The dark brown faux fur trim accentuates the angel’s dark red and brown dress for the warmest and most welcoming treetops. Since it’s 16 inches tall, she will line your Christmas tree until Santa Claus shows up.

Imperial Angel Tree Topper

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