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Fancy short curtains for your home

Fancy short curtains for your home

We have used curtains from time immemorial. Curtains not only add beauty to the interior of your house but also provide privacy and prevent dust and too much sunlight from entering into your living space. Curtains with heavy lining help keep rooms cool during hot summer days.

Kitchen Blinds

Curtains for the kitchen should be chosen rather carefully and should preferably be short in length. Proximity of curtains from the cooking place should also be taken care of and hence short curtains which can be hooked to your window mesh or grill should be preferred. Fabrics which light in weight and are likely to catch fire easily must be avoided. You can always match the curtains with your kitchen surroundings and can customize them by adding a lace here and there to make them more attractive. Wash ability and durability should be kept in mind as curtains have the tendency to collect dust and in a kitchen they may even soak a little oil every time you cook.

Bathroom Blinds

Short curtains become more crucial in the bathroom as long curtains may turn out to be excessively messy. Long curtains can easily soak water while dragging across the bathroom floor, thus becoming untidy and difficult to handle. With kids around they can even be hazardous as there is probability of children fooling around the curtains and getting them. Plastic curtains are suggested for bathroom use as it is convenient to wipe off water from the curtains.Short curtains are available in various prints, patterns and fabrics online.

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