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Starburst Wall Decor

Starburst Wall Decor

Starburst wall decor pieces look like they fell straight from the sky. Take a look at our top offers! Sunburst wall art has enjoyed great popularity since paying homage to our planet’s source of life, the sun. Sunburst designs for walls are the easiest way to add vibrancy and color to living spaces. However, they are available in all colors, sizes, and designs. Read on to find out which sunburst wall decor is best to add a focal point to your home as we have prepared a buying guide for you.


Sunburst wall decor is the perfect opportunity for you to break out of the confines of a color palette. So it is important that you do not think about the fact that you should only display a wall decoration that is a neutral hue or neutral color.

Scale and size

Before deciding on a product, you need to consider how it will feel when it is put in the room. Obviously, if you’re hanging too small a wall decor with a sunburst silhouette in a solid wall, something bigger is required. Too dinky or too small decor is a common mistake, but it can be avoided if you know the dimensions of a product before making your final decision. Obviously, you don’t need the perfect ratio when adding wall decor to your home, but it should at least feel right when assembled. When shopping on a whim, always remember that it is better if you are mistaken for size of large rather than small. A large sunburst wall decor creates a gorgeous focal point and fills the field of vision of the room. A small decor, on the other hand, looks like it’s an afterthought.

Your personal style

Sunburst wall decors differ in style. There are glamorous and reserved, while others exude vibrancy and excitement through colors. Which one is best for your home depends on your personal style and personality. If you become undecided after discovering that there are several incredible pieces on the market, we recommend that you buy the one that you find interesting or that tells your story. Now you are ready to search the market! Be sure to check out our top deals first as we have compiled the latest bestsellers!

Modern starburst wall decor

With retro Sputnik lights and starburst accents, this art shows multiple slender arms of varying lengths. Each individual arm is provided with a clear acrylic bead, which gives your living space a subtle glamor. This wall decoration is also ready to hang.

2-piece starburst wall decoration set

This 2-piece starburst wall art goes well with any room design or theme. It’s even perfect for adding a bit of luxury and texture to bathrooms. With its silver finish, you won’t find it difficult to combine this with patterned papers and bright colors. Basically, you won’t go wrong with this wall decor set.

Starburst wall decoration

This is a best seller with its irregular shape perfect for modern spaces. This contemporary sculpture features brightly tinted elements that can add tension and variation to the color scheme of your room. It’s also ready to hang and handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Abstract starburst wall decor

This metallic starburst wall decoration can set the tone of a room. The golden finish gives an Egyptian feel that everyone will love. It’s easy to see, especially in a neutral room. It’s made of metal and can be mounted or hung without the need for hanging hardware. You will be happy to know that it is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you think starburst designs look dated, this sun-bursting attitude from Willa Arlo Interiors will prove you wrong. It not only looks modern or contemporary, but also exudes glamor and a touch of luxury. With its teardrop pearls and slender, silver-colored bars extending from the center, your walls will have the flair it once lacked.

Starburst wall decoration

Add a touch of texture to your room with this Starburst Wall Decor from Stratton Home Decor. It’s handmade, hand-painted, and durable despite its fragile silhouette. The vibrant gold, gray and black tones give this stunning metallic wall art a versatile look. It’s the perfect choice if you want to add an earthy touch to your modern environment.

Starburst wall decoration

This Starburst Etched Metal Decor by Everly Quinn is another handmade and hand-painted wall decoration that gives the impression that light is streaming out from the textured sphere. It comes with two wall hooks for easy assembly and is a must have for homes that need simple but attention-grabbing decor. Impress your guests with this stylish wall decoration!

In a modern, restrained design? If so, this is the one for you! The muted copper finish and the eye-catching sunburst silhouette of this 3-part wall decoration set give your living room a new dimension. Not only does it fit your home perfectly, it also visually expands your space. It’s one of the cheapest and fastest ways to beautify your walls.

Starburst Flower Wall Decor

Perfect for those who want to add vibrant colors to traditional living spaces, you will be impressed with the workmanship of this sunburst wall decor. It consists of 100% iron that is both foiled and painted. It’s great for brightening walls, especially in rental apartments.

Orion Starburst wall mirror

Last but not least, it is a favorite among homeowners. It is a sunburst design mirror that can add texture and visual weight to your interior. This masterpiece, which is also our personal favorite, determines the tone and feel of a room. The rough texture makes your room feel grounded and intimate – that’s for sure!

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