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Stair Tread Rugs

Stair Tread Rugs

Although stair-step carpets are tiny pieces of carpet compared to other types of carpets, they do require an underlay Pillow support. However, be careful when choosing upholstery as follows Anything too thick protrudes from the bottom of the stair stepand creates an unsightly look.

Make sure you choose a dense option In this way, the stair step carpet remains securely in place. A general rule when choosing a subpad is to walk 1/4-inch thick and keep it narrower than the size of your stair step rug. rubber is a good material because it offers a firm hold.

Now that you know what the materials and styles are, you can decide on specific features and narrow down the correct size of your stair step carpets. Remember, you are going for wool comfort over wool and make sure that any patterned designs you choose appear on a straight flight of stairs to make the most of that style.

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