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Metal Butterfly Wall Decor

Metal Butterfly Wall Decor

A metal butterfly wall decoration evokes the eternal beauty of the majestic creature. It’s a great way to design a garden or patio as it adds a modern yet relaxing feel to outdoor living spaces. Butterflies are mystifying creatures that add color to gardens, oases and terraces. By adding a metal butterfly wall decor, a timeless masterpiece, you get the perfect outdoor accessory that appreciates the beauty and fragile shape of these stunning insects. Contrary to popular belief, the butterfly decor takes on different designs. Use our buying guide to determine the right metal butterfly wall decoration that your home needs. We’ll also feature some of the best items we’ve seen online that pay homage to the delicate beauty of butterflies.

Metal butterfly wall decoration: buying guide

A metal butterfly wall decor is like the cherry on your sundae that is your home. It attracts the eye and contracts the space. If you want to make your home even more welcoming this is a must for you. While there are no hard and fast rules for decorating outdoor living spaces, following the tips below will help you choose between perfect items.

The best metal butterfly decor

The only thing to remember is that the perfect metal butterfly decor is what you really love. If you see an item and it doesn’t encourage a feeling of relaxation or enjoyment, then it has no place in your property. After all, it is your money that is being spent on the artwork and it is your home that you decorate.

The right size

The basic sizes of the metal butterfly wall decoration are as follows: Oversized – An oversized wall decoration is 100 cm long or even larger. It is important that you do not rush to buy a large item as it may not fit in your space. So get the exact dimensions of your room first. Also note that an oversized wall decor acts as the focal point of the entire wall or room. Normal – A normal or medium sized wall art measures between 60 and 70 cm. It will keep an outdoor area symmetrical, especially if it’s near flower beds. Small – Small butterfly home accessories look good on short walls because they are each 45-59 cm long. They are great when grouped or paired. Now is the time to add elaborately designed butterflies to your outdoor living space! Take a look at our top offers and let us know what you liked!

In a stunning, colorful garden, you can make this wall decoration the focal point of the room. The glittering, open design with accents of acrylic pearls adds glamor to your garden. Since it is wired, it harmonizes any smooth background.

A unique and colorful butterfly wall art created with unparalleled craftsmanship that makes a great home accessory and garden accent. It is able to brighten a room and enliven a relaxed modern decor with its multicolored surfaces. Since it is made of metal, years of use are guaranteed.

The rusted metal surface of this butterfly wall decoration gives an outdoor living space a versatile feel. But it also works as a home decor, adding a breath of fresh air to your living room and adding some fun conversation piece. A simple but timeless work of art that adds color, texture and most importantly pizza to an empty wall.

This bubbly metal / acrylic wall decor by Zipcode Design can be leaned against any wall. It can be combined with a work of art or displayed on its own to give an instant airy personality to otherwise drab walls. It gives a casual aesthetic which means you can add this to your stylish yet cozy living room arrangement.

Made of matte black iron, this 3-piece metal butterfly wall decoration can turn a blank wall into an interesting visual interest. Hang all three on your patio to show off your amazing sense of style. You will be surprised how these decorative pieces can work wonders, especially in a small outdoor space.

Wind & Weather’s iridescent metal butterfly wall decor looks great when hung on a blank wall, especially outdoors where there are lots of flowers. With the swirling metal flourishes and the iridescent color scheme of the piece, any wall will be insanely chic. What’s more, it’s easy to install and incredibly lightweight. Who said you had to sacrifice style for easy installation?

This metal butterfly with pearl art can turn walls into magical displays in seconds! With its brown and silver finish, it can fill oddly shaped walls with character and color. It’s a favorite among homeowners (yes, that includes us) as it enlivens a room without overwhelming the room.

Everything from wind & weather will make you appreciate the beauty of nature, including this wall decor made of metal butterflies on branches. It’s a reminder of the summer when the flowers are in full bloom and butterflies glide past clusters of flowers. With the 4 multicolored butterflies handcrafted from recycled metal, this bold wall art gives white walls enough character and color.

Eclectic butterfly

This piece from August Grove has a traditional pierced design in a variety of colors. The stunning butterfly cutouts climb onto a wine wall structure, making the entire piece a charming wall decor that is as chic as it is traditional. Decorate your wall with this eye-catching work of art for a unique statement.

Framed butterflies

The final piece of art on our list of the best metal butterfly wall decorations is framed. The textured metalwork is combined with mother-of-pearl and hand-painted details. It can be hung both indoors and outdoors to add a touch of texture and color to a living space. You would be happy to know that it is compatible with almost any type of surface.

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