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Key West Decor

Key West Decor

Whether you’re planning a trip to Key West, decorating a cottage on the islands, or just indulging in a little armchair trip, Key West Décor creates an atmosphere reminiscent of ocean breezes, open seas, and palm trees. If your budget doesn’t include beach getaways this year, you can still relax in the settings of the islands and a getaway isolated from the world.

Posters and pictures

Images create atmosphere in a way that is not duplicated by any other medium. Travel posters, tapestries, small sculptures, and even rugs can create the visual impact that will whisk you away from the world of work and let you relax and escape for at least a while.


Nothing says tropics like willow. Wicker is a style of weaving that can be used to make furniture, baskets, mats, and more. The material used is often palm or seagrass fibers. Any sturdy, flexible material can be used to weave willow. Best of all, it’s slightly flexible and creates a comfortable seat that breathes and gently gives in with your weight. This makes it more comfortable than a wooden bench and much, much easier to move.

Travel armchair

If you established this holiday season with responsibility or budget, enjoy where and how you can. Use a few simple props to create a pirate cave or a seaside getaway. Use LED lighting to simulate the clear tropical sun. Soak in a thick, nautical-themed rug and relax on a wicker chair decorated with cushions with beach scenes. Add a potted palm or two and a rich tapestry of sailboats or the ocean and you’re good to go. If the ambience isn’t enough, consider a vintage travel poster or two. Or develop your own vacation theme or vacation ideas. You can browse the list of Key West decor ideas below for ideas for creating your own little paradise. Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare at the end of a busy day, you deserve to have a place to have fun.

Key West framed artwork

This is a beautiful travel poster with a white beach, palm tree, and green grass with wise advice, “Sit back and relax.” The top of the poster reads “Travel Key West”. Even if you are solely an armchair traveler, this lovely photo will rest your eyes and help you follow his excellent advice or it could be a destination.

LED pendant light

Illuminate your entrance area with this Key West LED pendant luminaire from Wade Logan. Enjoy dimmable clear light without the heat normally generated by incandescent or fluorescent lighting. The lamp is a chrome-colored hoop that is suspended from three slim cables. Add a woven mat, a couple of mirrors to take in the light, and you have an entry that says “Welcome” in any language you want to name.

Seaweed trunk

Seeing this is an instant transport to Larry Niven’s reports on “Cargo Culture” at Dream Park. Or maybe, for those less fancy reading, think of palm trees and ocean breezes. The wicker is beautifully woven from seagrass, creating a safe but airy container. It’s great for items that need protection but also need to breathe.

Hideaway tapestry

Enjoy the richness of a fabric wall hanging with this beautiful hideout rug from Key West. The beautiful tapestry is attached to a pole that is decorated with fleur de lis ends. He shows a little house that can be seen through a palm stand. A small sailboat in front shows the preferred mode of travel to reach the house. Another small house can be seen in the distance.

Decorative lighthouse

Liven up a tabletop or corner shelf with this miniature sculpture of the Key West Lighthouse. The white column of the lighthouse is crowned with a dark blue “light” with light blue windows. At the foot of the lighthouse there is a small house and a puffy green tree. The base is labeled with the words “Key West”.

Padded wicker loveseat

Imagine sitting in the warm tropics with a nice breeze from the ocean as you sit on light green cushions and lean back on soft cushions that lie over the dark brown basket of this pretty love seat. If your weather is not ideal for lounging outdoors, add a few potted palms and an aromatic “sea breeze” candle.

Vintage charter poster

Imagine a cruise ship with women walking with umbrellas and leaning on the arms of men wearing white ice suits. This vintage Key West Island Charters poster shows a white cruise ship with a tall black funnel. Below the picture is a list of expected cruises. It takes very little imagination to see yourself on the promenade deck of such a ship.

Nautical Area Rug

Make your favorite captain or pirate day with this blue and beige carpet. A ship’s steering wheel is depicted in the center of the carpet, while on the outer edge is a frieze of land and water scenes that include sailing ships, lighthouses, puffy clouds, and the sea. Your sailor will enjoy this rug in a study or other private space.

Humorous mileage sign

A tall, rustic signpost overlooks a rocky Key West promontory. The tips of sailboats are visible just above the hard grass at the base of the shield. The signs on the post office said, “London, 4565 miles; Paris, 4707; Miami, 132 miles. “There is hardly a better way to say ‘a million miles from nowhere’. This is where some people would like to be anytime.

Sea Shell Print Pillow

Enjoy your afternoon nap with your head on this light brown and white polyester pillow. The print pattern woven into the fabric shows shells and starfish. The pillow is filled with polyester fiber to avoid squeezing comfort. You can easily picture yourself on the beach with no sunburn or sand in your shorts.

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