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Sconce Ideas

Sconce Ideas

Most wall lights are hard-wired. That means you have to run electrical wires into the light itself. The advantage of this is that you can often hook up the light to a switch, set it on a timer, and make it dimmable if the model allows, and the batteries will not run out.

Still, there are options that exist battery powered. If you don’t want to mess around with electrical wires and don’t plan on keeping the lights on all the time, this can be a great option for a simple ambient lighting solution.

An even easier solution is to get one Cable option with switch. The cable runs down from the wall lamp and is simply plugged into a socket. So you get an easy installation without using the batteries. However, you should only choose this option if the cable itself will be plugged into a hidden socket, e.g. B. if the socket is behind a side table. A fully exposed connector could look shabby.

If you are planning on using the wall sconce outdoors, then you can look for the types that are solar powered. If energy saving is a priority and your garden has lots of sunlight, they are a great choice for creating a charming ambience outside your home.

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