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Decorative Hurricane Candle Holders

Decorative Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane candle holders get their name from their ability to protect a candle flame from all but the stiffest passing breeze. It is believed that they may have originated in India when it was ruled by Great Britain. The so-called “candle shades” were tall glass cylinders in which a candle or a coconut lamp could be placed. That was in the 18th century.

Hurricane lanterns

Paraffin was cheaper than oil, so it became common to put a chimney on top of a paraffin lamp. Natural oils were even cheaper. In 1780 Francois-Pierre Aime Argand invented a lamp with a glass fireplace and a control knob to adjust the wick. The design caught on and was even translated into the classic lantern, which is often depicted as hanging from the rafters of a ship. The adjustable knob that controlled the wick as the oil was drawn up, and the glass that surrounded it, helped the protected light ride out even the worst of storms. Modern versions of these lamps are still used today as camping or survival lanterns.

Candles and Hurricane lampshades

With the need for a hurricane lantern or lamp to light up your home, candles in protective glass tubes or lightbulbs have become popular again. Candles are a little easier to store than lamp oil “just in case” and are slightly more attractive and usually have a better smell. But candles tend to drip, and their flame can flutter in the slightest wind, so it’s still handy to keep them out of drafts. Therefore, hurricane candle lamps are popular again. In addition, decorative hurricane candle lamps can be an attractive part of your décor even if they are not needed as emergency lighting. Some of them can even look like the candle flame is floating independently above the table, while others resemble some of the fancy lamps introduced at the time of Queen Victoria. Hurricane candle lamps take part in this fantasy, introducing some types of ornament that only today’s technology can make. Here are ten examples of hurricane candle lamps for you to look at and enjoy. They are both decorative and useful. While electricity is typically reliable these days, you never know when you will need an independently powered light. It doesn’t hurt when it’s both beautiful and useful.

Coastal Glass Hurricane Candlestick

This small holder was set up to work with votive candles and is perfect for personal altars or meditation rooms. The small pebbles in the base of the holder add a touch of earth while also supporting the wire frame that holds the candle. The frame can be removed for cleaning or to replace the candle.

Tall holders made of rough textured glass help break the light from candles. The holders are large enough to hold a 3 inch pillar candle that sits about 2/3 of the way down on a metal holder. Under the holder you can personalize your hurricane candle holder with colored sand, coffee beans or pebbles.

This is a simple glass hurricane candle holder that is banded with metal. The chimneys are big enough to hold a 3 inch pillar candle. The Merrimack Hurricane Candle Holder was brought to you from Birch Lane and will keep drafts away from your candle flame. The subtle hurricane candles can easily be used at dinner parties or in emergencies.

Rectangular pieces of glass connected with gold-colored metal form hexagonal housings for your tall candles. These elegant holders are designed to keep drafts away from candles. You can easily decorate your dining table and provide emergency lighting. The gold colored metal is really iron so you can be sure that the frames are sturdy.

Increase the light above head height with these beautiful contemporary metal and glass hurricane candle holders from Laurel Foundry Modern Farm House. The openwork holder is shaped like the facets of a cut diamond and contains a hurricane glass that is dimensioned for a tea light. These lamps are suitable for parties and other places where the lights need to be hung out of reach.

Ceramic and glass lantern

With a ceramic base and a removable glass fireplace, this hurricane lamp has room for a 5 inch candle. It is recommended that this Birch Lane Alford Hurricane Lamp be cleaned on site only and that Sterno not be used in place of a candle. Suitable for outdoor use, e.g. B. for the terrace or garden camping.

Flared Top Nautical Hurricane Candle Lamp

The exhibited upper part of this Babson Park metal and glass lamp by Beachcrest Home gives an additional touch of elegance. Pair it with burlap runners and companion containers wrapped in sisal cord for a bit of a nautical flavor. Sufficiently attractive to add romance to a dinner for two, it also has practical value as an emergency lamp.

Floating candle hurricanes

Clear glass towers with inclined votive candle inserts let the flames float. It’s perfect for dinner parties or for the candle-in-the-window effect or to create an atmosphere of mysticism. The drop in the votive holder can be removed for cleaning or for inserting and lighting the candles. The design comes from Red Barrel Studio.

Hurricane lamp made of wood and glass

The wood and glass hurricane lamp has room for a large 5-inch diameter candle. The wood base is carved for added rustic charm. It is an excellent lamp for long, stormy nights with a power cut or simply to add ambience to an evening of storytelling. The large candle allows you to read or meditate late into the night.

Chauncey Hurricane Lantern

Enjoy soft candlelight and the glint of gold as the light sparkles from a ribbon of decorative honeycomb metal. This traditionally shaped hurricane candle holder is both practical and decorative, keeping the cool winter breeze away from your candle flame. Whether you’re just enjoying a quiet evening or riding a storm, it will do the job.

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