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Decorative Bowl

Decorative Bowl

To start with, there are some interior decorating tips when placing decorative bowls. You should first decide how you would like to incorporate the bowl into your decor. This will allow you to narrow down what type of bowl to look for and where to place it.

Decide if you want one Accent piece or if you want the bowl match the surrounding decor. If you want an accent piece, the bowl should protrude from the surrounding decor without clashing with it too much. For example, the color of the bowl could match other accent colors in the room, such as B. a light blue shade on a throw pillow. Or a metal bowl goes with an industrial style, but still gives some light gold tones that pop up in the room. Overall, one accent piece should stand out.

Bowls that are meant to stick out work well on side tables and shelvesas they attract enough attention to be placed anywhere. However, accent shells can also work well Countertops and tables.

Bowls that match the surrounding decor work well on kitchen or dining tables and countertops. If you put them aside, they can fit in too tightly. Below are some of the main types of bowls and what styles go well with them.

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