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Decorative Oil And Vinegar Bottles

Decorative Oil And Vinegar Bottles

Decorative oil and vinegar bottles will make your dining table and kitchen counter look perfect without the ugly and cheap bottles stealing the show. Since you clicked on this article, you are likely a homeowner who is aware of the aesthetics of your home but wants to save money by buying in bulk at the same time. If you’ve bought large bottles of oil and vinegar and want to keep them in nice containers, high quality dispenser bottles are just what you need. Note, however, that the decorative dispenser bottles for oil and vinegar vary. Below are all of the aspects that you need to consider when choosing oil and vinegar buns to ensure you get the best containers for your needs.

Outlet design

Sinks that come with oil and vinegar rolls are available in different designs. There are those that can protect liquids or oils from constant exposure to air while others do not. If you want your oil to last longer without going rancid, you need dispensers with a dust cap. The dust cap provides excellent protection when it covers the spout.


Since you are looking for decorative dispensers, you want ones that will match or complement the existing design of a room. Your choice, however, depends entirely on your specific preference.

Casting action

Does your chosen dispenser come with a spout that flows quickly? If you wish, you can buy the device. However, we recommend that you choose a slow-pour spout for more control over the amount of oil and vinegar you pour into your dishes and salads. Because you have more control over the amount of liquid that is released from the bottle, you enjoy economic value from the dispenser.

Our top picks

Oil vinegar cruet

Serve vinegar and oil in the most authentic Italian style with this oil vinegar cruet from Andover Mills. It has a clever design that offers two sections with different capacities. Each section has an individual pourer and cork to ensure that the stored liquid stays fresh and free of contamination. It’s also angled for easy pouring and serving.

Glass oil and vinegar cruet

With a 2-in-1 glass oil and vinegar bowl with a cork stopper, the inner part can be filled with balsamic vinegar, while the outer part is filled with olive oil. It’s the perfect frying pan for storing, serving, or pouring in oil and vinegar. The best thing about this product? It’s a beautiful display at the same time!

17 oz. Oil / vinegar bottle Cruet

A drip-free 17-ounce. Perfect for storing and serving vinegar or oil, this bottle is ideal for dining tables and kitchen counters. It is made of hygienic glass and has a luxurious spout for easy pouring. Make your next meal more luxurious with this stylish product from Cuisinox.

Cucina vinegar bottle

Enjoy pouring and serving with these drip-free stoneware vinegar dispensers. If you hate getting your hands and bottoms messy every time you pour vinegar, these decorative bottles will get the hassle out of the way in an instant! Each 13 ounce container comes with its own spout.

Wine glass oil and vinegar seasoning set

Elegant, presentable and quirky at the same time, these vinegar and oil dispensers are clear enough to let you know when the bottles need refilling. This all-glass dispenser is supplied with a funnel for quick and easy filling. The bottles can hold 10.8 ounces. vinegar or oil, respectively. Since they are very decorative with their funny silhouette, they will serve as a conversation piece at your next dinner party.

2-piece EVOO and vinegar dosing bottle set made of stoneware

If your kitchen demands fancy bottle dispensers for oil and vinegar, then this set of two dispenser bottles is just right for you. The set is made of high quality stoneware with a beautiful silhouette to enhance the appearance of the bottles. In terms of functionality, the bottles have stoppers for a clean, leak-proof pour.

Ceramic oil and vinegar bottle spice set with caddy

It’s the only kit you’ll need to store liquids, salt and pepper. The caddy offers maximum stability and is a set that is ideal for any type of oil and liquid. Since it is made of ceramic, unlike acrylic or plastic dispensers, it can enhance and preserve the aroma and flavors of oil and vinegar. The sleek look of the set makes it a great addition to your dining table.

3-piece decorative bottle set

This 3-piece set of highly decorative dispensers is our personal favorite and brings class and sophistication to your dining room. It has an antique flair and a rustic look, which makes it a striking addition to your space. The set can also hold any type of liquid with its sealed top. If you want to use the bottles as home decor, you’ll find them perfect for placing on your mantle.

Irena oil & vinegar set

In terms of looks, finishing 9th on our list of the best oil and vinegar dispensers is guaranteed to impress everyone. High quality virgin olive oil is also sensitive to light. What is needed is a container that is well protected like the oil dispenser that this set offers. Oil and vinegar can stay fresh in these sealed containers. For such delicate kitchen bottles, the set is a bargain for the current price.

2 pieces of oil and vinegar set

Why use cheap and ugly plastic for your vinegar and oils when you can use this sleek and beautiful set of glass bottle dispensers instead? Since the material is mainly glass, it is completely safe for liquid storage aside from food grade. Yes, there are no BPA or PVCs to worry about with this kit. With drip-free spouts, pouring and serving is always easy and tidy.

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