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Tips For Choosing A Serving Bowl

Tips For Choosing A Serving Bowl

Have a number of nesting serving bowls, all look the same but contain different amounts from eating? If you don’t have one and prefer a more uniform look, using a set of serving bowls can help take the hustle and bustle off your table and let you focus on the food instead of the bowl.

If you are looking for more coherent look, Selection of a Set of nesting jars or ceramic bowls are ideal for serving (or for a decorative Mise-en-place if you like to cook!). Nesting wooden bowls, on the other hand, are perfect for entertainment: Set a small set of wooden bowls through a large bowl of fries, and your snack station is good to go!

Everyone should have at least one large mixing bowl for the kitchen (one made of metal or plastic) and a large serving bowl, even if you only use it to display fruit on your kitchen counter. However, the best set or size for serving bowls depends on how often you chat – and how many people you have to serve! If you often host more than 5-7 people, you should have at least two large serving bowls, two or three medium-sized and 5-7 smaller ones. This way, you and your guests can take care of you no matter what you are serving.

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