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Plastic laminate sheets

Plastic laminate sheets

If you are unaware of plastic laminate sheets then you need to acquaint yourself with term lamination first. Lamination is a process where multiple layers of any material are stacked up together subject to high heat and pressure to form a compact, stable and durable material. Laminate sheets can be 3-4 layers but some good quality suppliers ensure an additional 5th layer. Laminates are easy to install and the process is so easy that one can do it by himself but if you are looking for an expert you will be happy to pay inexpensive labor cost.

Origination of plastic laminate sheets

Invention of plastic laminate sheets was occurred by chance. Some brown paper sheets were immersed in melanin resin to observe the effect. High heat and temperature were further provided to see the outcome and this resulted in creation of plastic laminate sheets. Plastic laminate sheets are very popular these days due to versatility in uses from electrical to domestic products. Plastic laminates can boost vivacity of your place with the eclectic appeal. You can easily find wooden, stone and marble prints in plastic laminate sheets.

Use in electrical industry

Plastic laminate sheets are extensively used in electrical industry because of high insulating feature. Circuit boards and electrical wires greatly use laminate for sound and perfect insulation. Plastic laminating sheets are also widely used in automobile industry. You will find the windscreen of cars to be protected by laminated plastic sheets.

Use of plastic laminate sheets for countertops

Now you can have stylish edge moldings to even the sharp edges of countertops. They come in huge variety of color, texture and patterns. Edges can be treated by a tremendous variation. You can incorporate stripped, square or curvy laminate moldings to treat the issue. Plastic lamination sheets come in huge range of colors. Beige, black, blue, brown and cream are few of divers color ranges. For a perfect finishing touch to your countertops you can select your desired finish. Fine velvety texture, high definition, matte, quarry and soft grain are the most prevalent finishes in US for laminates. Along with use of laminate sheets as moldings you can also inject them to upgrade the appearance of countertops. But one of the serious drawbacks for plastic laminate sheets is that putting hot pans and dishes can bruise the smooth surface over a period of time. Sharp tools and cutting knives can easily scratch the smooth and fine surface.

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