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Outdoor Flush Mount

Outdoor Flush Mount

Style is always subjective and depends on personal choice. Some people may choose something very traditional that will blend in perfectly with the style of their home and the feel of their neighborhood, while others want to make a bold statement with a decor that stands out dramatically from the rest.

Limit your style

Choosing a style that goes well with or blends in well with your living style will give your home a more cohesive look. A more modern house might look strange with an old-fashioned stained glass, and a nautical light seems out of place on a stucco southwest-style home. If you’re not sure what style your home is, take a stroll around your neighborhood to see what you like (or dislike) about similar houses.

Add your own personal style

If you are the homeowner, you will see and use this light fixture more than anyone. So the style has to be something that you are at least comfortable with and hopefully love. While browsing options, Imagine how each of these devices would feel when you return home every day. Choose something that makes you feel that you enjoy!

If Resale value is a consideration for you Choosing a more timeless design is safer. Look for an outdoor recessed light that will fit almost every home on your street.

Choosing a finish

Although they come in any color, most outdoor lights have a metallic finish:

  • Silver colors, like brushed steel, platinum or nickel, tend to look more modern.

  • Gold and brass colors are more traditional, while plain white or black are usually the most unnoticeable when you want something to blend in and not stand out.

  • Dark surfaces, like Rubbed bronze, are often the most versatile and go well with many styles and colors.

  • Also take into account the color scheme of your home. You may want to go for a cooler color like silver or white if your house exterior is in the blue / green family or a warmer color like brass or oil rubbed bronze if the exterior is in the orange / red / brown family. Naturally, Contrasting colors can make the device stand out and be more visually interesting.

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