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Kitchen & Dining Chairs

Kitchen & Dining Chairs

Another important consideration should be what materials the kitchen and dining room chairs are made of. You have several main options, each of which conveys its own style and function.


Choose a wooden chair if you prefer a classic, rustic, or timeless style. A wooden chair looks like the furniture is handmade and a classic addition to any home. It is common to find a chair in a variety of woods, although rubber wood is a popular type of wood that is used in chairs these days for its durability.


It is also common to see metal chairs, often with slat backs. Choose these for modern, casual or industrial spaces.


If comfort is your top priority, choose a style of upholstery that has pillows added frequently. You might be wondering if having kitchen and dining room chairs in an upholstered style is a good idea as it might be easy to drop something and stain it.

If stains are an issue, choose a fabric or chair that is rated as stain resistant. For example, it’s common to find chairs upholstered in polyester, a durable fabric that can be more stain resistant than velvet, for example.

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