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End & Side Tables

End & Side Tables

If you choose the size of your end table, it is It is important to consider what mainly you will be using it foras well as the size of the rest of the furniture.

If you just need a resting place for the occasional glass and you have a compact sofa, a small model is fine. Obviously, a small, sleek model is not enough to keep the clutter on your family-sized sofa.

Try to Adjust your side table to a comfortable height so that you can reach from your sofa while sitting. Also take into account your available space. If you’re limited on space, a smaller, open-frame model will look better.

Here are some of the most popular shapes of end tables to choose from:


Traditional yet elegant round side tables Work best when you have a lot of space. you look great in virtually any decorating style;; However, if the rest of your room has mostly box-shaped, angular pieces and you don’t want to make a statement out of your end table, avoid circular models.

For traditional, cottage, or eclectic homes, consider a drum side table with cabinet and drawer as a standout piece with additional storage space.


The regularity of the square side tables makes them suitable for almost all decors and extremely practical.

They do, however require more space than rectangular models. Either way, use chunky square end tables modern, farmhouse or traditional decors.


Rectangular side tables are the most practical.

They go well with most sofas and can be placed against walls. If you are looking for a side table for your minimalist home, consider buying a rectangular table with a glass top.

Rectangular models can also complement traditional decors, as well as contemporary and shabby chic.


Oval side tables are less common, but they offer one elegant modern lookassuming you have room for one in your living room. You can also look good in minimalist homes.

Because of their elongated shape, you can often find oval side tables with three leg frames and very basic features so that all The focus is on their shape and processing.

C shape

If you enjoy surfing the internet on your sofa or enjoying brunch with a morning TV, a C-shaped side table is for you.

Shaped like a C, this modern, The minimalist style side table is easily accessible from your sofa.

Thanks to its cut out shape, you can Position it over your sofa and use it for eating, drinking, hobbies, or even working from home without a desk!

This type of end table looks the best modern, contemporary or minimalist homes.

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