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Elegant kitchen cupboard

Elegant kitchen cupboard

Kitchen cupboard are the kitchen furniture that are installed at the time of designing the kitchen. These are either fixed in the wall or are fixed under the counter slabs of the kitchens.

Kitchen cupboards are used to place utensils, grocery, dishes and other cooking equipment. These kitchen cabinets are like a small storage place for the kitchen inventory. In the modernized kitchens refrigerators, micro wave ovens and water dispensers are place inside the large sized kitchen cupboards.


The kitchen cupboard are manufactured with the following materials,

  • Wood,
  • Chick board,
  • Ply wood,
  • Glass cupboards,
  • Aluminum framed cupboards

The kitchen cupboard doors are of different materials. Some of them are as under,


In America wooden frames are installed by using mortise, birch, oak and tenon. These are the few most liked frame styles in kitchen cupboard. Sometimes laminate is also used that resembles a lot with hard wood in appearance. Cupboard frames are largely liked in metal and aluminum material also. These are the most durable material that are pest free in nature and cannot be caught by termites.


Kitchen cabinet panels are designed in wooden materials as well as ply wood. These wooden panels are sometimes polished and sometimes painted depending upon the interior décor of the home. There are also decorative panels that are used on kitchen cupboard sides for a better polished finish.

Besides other designs a multiple number of drawers are also installed within these cupboards. These drawers are mostly used to keep spoons and cutlery.

These kitchen cupboards are designed to give your kitchen a neat and modernized look.

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