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Reasons that make hand scraped hardwood floors a favoured choice of homeowners

Reasons that make hand scraped hardwood floors a favoured choice of homeowners

If it’s the old-age, welcoming look is what you like, hand scraped hardwood floors can be a perfect choice for you. They look like floor that have aged, but have more character when compared with the common boards that are used nowadays. If there are on your list of probable’s, go through the below mentioned reasons that will help you make up your mind.

Advantages of Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors

Combination of Old and Modern

One of the best advantages of hand scraped hardwood floors is the way in which they combine the look of antique flooring with the modern technology. While reclaimed woods do look amazing, they carry a disadvantage when it comes to the durability because you don’t really know condition of the insides of the wood and finish won’t last forever. With hand scraped hardwood floors you will get the look of the antique flooring along with all the advantages that the modern flooring options carry.


A large number of buyers do not know that hand scraped hardwood floors maintain their attractive appearance for a much longer time as compared to other hardwood floors. If at all, there is a dent or scratch on the hand scraped floor, it easily blends with the character of the board naturally. While if a new hardwood floor gets a dent or scratch, it is clearly visible and damages the appearance of the entire floor.

Attractive Pattern

As every single piece of hand scraped hardwood floor is unique, it adds the right amount of character to the room. On the other hand, the hardwood floors that are distressed by machines are made from an automatic process and the pattern of distress is almost the same. As hand scraped hardwood floor pieces are created manually, each piece is different and carries the ability to completely transform the looks of your room.

Character and Color

The different depths on hand scraped hardwood floors offers ever single board with a unique color and character which cannot be matched by normal hardwood floors. As the natural light that falls in the room changes the angle, the valleys and nooks of the scraped board will light in a different way. This results in your floor looking different throughout the day.

If you are finding reasons to choose hand scraped hardwood floors, we are sure that one’s mentioned above are sure to impress you. If you want to add a unique character to your home that stands true to the test of time, hand scraped hardwood floors are an excellent choice.

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