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Security Lights And Flood Lights

Security Lights And Flood Lights


You have a very strong, blinding light source that can do this span over 180 ^ 0 ^ area and extend up to 60 feet. The lighting is uniform, bright and widespread. Hence, they are the preferred type for home security.


On the other hand, these are focused light sources that brilliantly illuminate a limited area where the band of light falls. They are ideal for selective lighting of objects such as the entrance door or a wicket gate.

Wall wraps

These are wall lights installed on the outer walls that Illuminate the ground under the wall and its immediate surroundings. They are useful for detecting suspicious movement on exterior walls, doors and windows.

Area lights (mast lights)

you are High density pole-mounted lights installed 1 to 2 feet high from pathways, important for recognizing and showing who has entered or left your house and when.

That would be clear to you with this tip Floodlights are the most versatile safety lights because they cover a large area with strong and even lighting. Convinced? Then let’s look at the types of floodlights.

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