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Cruets Ideas

Cruets Ideas

In addition to adding instant style to your table, cruets are extremely practical.

Whether you want to drizzle chili oil over your pizza, drip dressing over your salad, or quickly add a dash of olive oil to your pan of fried potatoes, a skillet makes it easy to pour just the right amount. How to choose the best cruet for your home.

2. How to choose the right size Cruet?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right size Cruet for your home.

Choose a little cruet (1 to 6 ounces) if you:

  • Live alone or have a small household.
  • For rare use.
  • Have a tiny kitchen / dining area.
  • Do you have young children – less to clean up when there is an accident.
  • Do you love a lot of different flavored oils? Opt for several small cruises.

Choose a medium-sized (7 to 15 ounces) if you:

  • Use your Cruet regularly for drizzling oils and dressing.
  • Want a stylish cruet that has good capacity but isn’t too big to be easily stowed away.
  • Like to stick to the same oil and not want to change the oil often.

Choose a great cruet (16 – 30oz) if you:

  • Use your skillet for cooking.
  • Do you have a large family or do you have many guests to eat?
  • Use oils frequently.

3. How can you decide which Cruet material is best?

Here’s how to choose the best Cruet material for your needs and style.


  • Easy to clean.

  • Stoneware is easy to hold even without handles and, unlike glass and steel models, is not slippery.

  • Opaque – protects your oil from light and heat, which can cause oxidation and change the taste. However, you cannot see when you are running low.

  • Adapt to different living styles. From a reduced natural look with a steel spout, ideal for minimalist looks. There are also glazed and painted Mediterranean styles that are ideal for adding a touch of summer to your table. Also popular for a traditional, rustic look.


  • Glass is a popular choice and looks great. It goes well with modern, contemporary and minimalist decors.

  • You can see when you are running low.

  • An excellent choice for flavored oils that allow you to see the ingredients without having to label them.

  • Glass can be slippery. Therefore, look for an ergonomically shaped model or a version with a ribbed section.

  • Oil can oxidize in a transparent bowl. If you plan on not showing yours instead of keeping them, look for a version with a slight shade to prevent oxidation from occurring.

  • Check that your glass bowl is dishwasher safe.


  • Metal crosses look great with a modern place setting.
  • Easy to clean but prone to visible fingerprints.
  • Blocks light to prevent oxidation. However, you cannot see when you are running low.
  • Look for ergonomically shaped models or models with handles for a better grip.
  • Easy to clean – look for dishwasher safe models.

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