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Makeup Organizers

Makeup Organizers

You should also choose your holder for what types of makeup can hold it in place. There are some simple general tips that you should follow to make sure you find the right organizer for the types of products you have.

If you only have the basics like lipstick, foundation, powder or eye shadow, often a tray or a tiered organizer is made to hold a limited amount of everything.

But while tiered makeup organizers are made to hold multiple types of makeup, this is it Drawers are best for holding flat or small pieces like eyeshadow trays, eyebrow pencils, small tubs with lip balm or compact powder. Often, Animal designs have holders on top that allow you to place larger items such as cosmetic brushes, larger primer containers, nail polish or lipsticks.

On the other hand, Get a custom holder if you have multiple versions of an item. For example, get a cosmetic brush and a pen holder or a nail polish organizer that fits on a wall or door.

If you have a lot of makeup, you may want to consider it too Boxes or makeup bags that you can pull out of a closet when you’re ready to use them. Boxes may have a raised tray once you open them. Tray boxes can often handle multiple sizes of make-up products. Bags usually have several compartments that fit almost anything.

However, there may only be one compartment with pockets in boxes and bags. A compartment works well when you have bulky items like large bottles of primer or packs of makeup sponges. Bags hold cosmetic brushes and pens well.

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