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Key West Decor

Whether you’re planning a trip to Key West, decorating a cottage on the islands, or just indulging in a little armchair trip, Key West Décor creates an atmosphere reminiscent of ocean breezes, open seas, and palm trees. If your budget doesn’t include beach getaways this year, you can still relax ...

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Mantel & Tabletop Clocks

If you’re looking for an instant way to classify your home while adding some features, go for fireplace and table clocks. They instantly add the classic look of analog time. Even at times when we can get the time on our phones, it can be handy to take a look ...

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Decorative Bowl

To start with, there are some interior decorating tips when placing decorative bowls. You should first decide how you would like to incorporate the bowl into your decor. This will allow you to narrow down what type of bowl to look for and where to place it. Decide if you ...

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Decorative Plates To Hang On Wall

There are few things more charming and retro than decorative plates hanging on your wall. But these aren’t your grandmother’s hanging plates. Only one or two of these plates resemble the prized plates that once hung on the walls in pioneer houses or in the dusty houses of the early ...

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Decorative Letter Blocks

Word art goes hand in hand with literacy. Or maybe word art came before literacy – the two are closely related. Decorative letters can be used for all kinds of purposes – to spell out company names, identify a place of residence for the postman, or just to sound your ...

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Decorative Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane candle holders get their name from their ability to protect a candle flame from all but the stiffest passing breeze. It is believed that they may have originated in India when it was ruled by Great Britain. The so-called “candle shades” were tall glass cylinders in which a candle ...

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Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Most medicine cabinets are usually made fit over a sink and hence it is common to see them somewhere about 20 inches wide and 24 inches high. Medicine cabinets that are surface-mounted can protrude about 6 inches. Some cabinets are designed span a wide counter area. These can be around ...

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4 Experts Wall Accents

4 Experts Tips To Choose Wall Accents - Visual Hu

Open floor concepts can be tricky as the living room, kitchen and dining room merge together. Similar to how you need to be strategic about the size and placement of your furniture to keep the spaces defined, You also need to be strategic with wall art. Try to use larger ...

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