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4 Experts Hammock

4 Experts Hammock

A comfy hammock is a great addition to any garden or patio: it’s perfect for taking your well-deserved relaxation time to the next level, whether you can’t wait to relax under the stars with your special someone or just hang out want from yourself … literally.

However, these rocking beds come in so many different styles and sizes that it’s easy to find a model that doesn’t really work for you. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen! Follow our simple tips to choose a hammock that you can’t wait to lie down on and that … will also hold the garden together.

3. How long should a hammock be?

It is easy! You should look for hammocks that are at least 2 feet longer than your size: because Most models are around 76-79 inchesThey will suit most people.

Don’t forget to measure the distance between the trees or poles you want to tie it to!

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