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Wine Rack Ideas

Wine Rack Ideas

The material from which every piece of furniture is made determines its appearance – and to a certain extent even the quality. There are two main options here.

Do you prefer the traditional look? => Wood

Wood is the first material that comes to mind when thinking of a wine rack. A properly stained and varnished wooden wine rack can Increase the style quotient of your wine cellar (or your living room) multiple notches.

Mostly with Redwood or mahogany, wooden wine racks tend to strong and durable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Also, wood has more character than metal and tends to darken over time to give it an even richer tone.

Looking for a modern twist? => Metal

Metal wine racks fit much better into a house with a “modern” theme of decor; Furniture with sharp features and clean lines, simple colors and a chrome finish.

in addition, Many wine cellars prefer the sturdiness of metal shelves. Metal wine racks often have nested bottle holders that hold bottles by their side anytime without slipping around, which is a stubborn problem with wooden shelves.

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