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Various advantages of shaw wood flooring

Various advantages of shaw wood flooring

Hardwood flooring is known to carry its own warmth that can completely transform the looks of any room. However, they do have their disadvantages as well, namely they are prone to water damage and difficult to clean.

An ideal replacement to hardwood floor is shaw wood flooring. Also known as engineered wood flooring, they are derived from hardwood floors but do not have the disadvantages that hardwood floors carry. Moreover, as they are not prone to damage from water, you can install shaw wood flooring in any room and at any location.

Let us have a look at some of the advantages of shaw wood flooring-

Original Hardwood

Even though shaw wood flooring is not completely made from solid hardwood, they still carry the same warmth, aesthetics and durability of hardwood floors. A high quality shaw wood flooring can easily last for decades, just like hardwood floors and can also be refinished if they start losing their shine. Moreover, as they have a superior build when compared to hardwood, they are resistant to humidity and temperature. As a result, this type of floor can be installed anywhere, in your kitchen, close to a fire place, basements and every other place where you cannot think of installing hardwood flooring.


Shaw wood is created by piling layers of original wood that are finally bonded together. The upper layer will show the same characteristics of a high quality hardwood floor. Below the top layer, there are many different layers of HDF (High Density Fiberboard) that strengthens the flooring and makes it much more durable and stable as compared to hardwood floors. Moreover, when you are out buying shaw wood flooring, you will see that they are available in many different colors, wood species, textures and finishes. And when they are installed, they will just look like original hardwood floors.


One of the best things about shaw wood floorings is the fact that they can be installed in many different ways. They can be floated, glued and even stapled. It will depend on the type of product that you choose. Out of all the available options, it’s the floating types of installation that is the simplest as you can simply place the planks on top of any other layer.

Remember the above mentioned benefits when you are planning to get hardwood flooring at your home as shaw wood floorings can provide you with the same aesthetics and durability along with many other features.

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