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Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders

Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders

It only takes a few high quality decorative ceramic tiles to completely transform your walls or floors. Ornate tile designs accentuate your home and with several tile designs on the market you are indeed spoiled for choice when it comes to buying. Decorative ceramic tile borders can be used on walls and floors, kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms, and any other part of the home.

How to buy the right decorative ceramic tile borders

Decorative ceramic tile collections in various designs. When making any buying plans, it is important to consider all of your options before choosing what will work best for you. The most important thing to look out for is the pattern on each tile. The beauty of decorative ceramic tile borders always depends on the pattern with which they were decorated. Simple patterns with a touch of art and uniqueness are often recommended. Something minimalistic should work too. The colors are very important. While some decorative ceramic tile borders have multiple colors, others can have one or two color combinations. The type of color is determined by two things. Where are you going to place the tiles first? As a rule of thumb, the tile colors should match the other colors in your home. Second, you also need to make a choice between light and dark tiles. Light colors are good and can go a long way in livening up your space. But darker shades tend to have their own secret. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferences and tastes. Also look at the cost. Many factors determine the cost of decorative ceramic tile borders. Classy and artistic designs tend to cost more when compared to minimalist options. However, even on a relatively small budget, you can always find something that suits your decorating needs.

Where to buy decorative ceramic tile borders

Decorative ceramic tile borders are available at many local hardware stores. However, larger stores tend to have the best designs. It can also be a good idea to start with a little window shopping to evaluate the options you have. Decorative ceramic tile borders can also be purchased directly online. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of ten decorative ceramic tile borders that may interest you.

Cement ceramic tiles in beige / charcoal

This tile provides an eye-catching pattern in beautiful beige tones with hints of red, blue and charcoal. The tiles can be used for all floors with medium traffic. The design sophistication combined with the obvious works of art in the finish make them ideal for any decor renovation in your home or business park.

Cement ceramic tiles in gold / green / burgundy / white

The Cementa Ceramic Tile is another sophisticated design with eye-catching patterns. The tiles are in gold, green, white and burgundy tones. The colorful charisma and the attractive demeanor will blow everyone away. The tiles can be used for kitchens and bathrooms, but it is better if they are used as accents.

Antiqua ceramic subway tile in feelings Griggio

If you are looking for unique vintage accents to completely redesign your space, then this Antiqua Ceramic Subway Tile is the perfect choice for you. This embossed floral subway tile also features unique uneven edges and a random selection of unique patterns from end to end. Perfectly unique for every wall!

Anchorage Ceramic Field Tile in Craquele Mix Gray

This simple and minimalist decorative tile has a gray crackle glaze. It offers a unique and subtle decorative accent. The scalloped edges and the smooth, shiny surfaces ensure a perfect, even color tone. The tiles are also versatile. Therefore, inform yourself about all possibilities during the installation.

Haute Ceramic Field Tile in anthracite

This Polynesian inspired design comes with unique and beautiful patterns and very unique colors. The tiles are also impermeable and very durable. This means that you can use the tiles for both indoor and outdoor use. The Haute Ceramic Field Tile combines design with strength.

Bliss Ceramic Mosaic Tile in midnight blue

These decorative tiles are the perfect definition of simplicity at its best. The unique hexagonal tiles are designed to create a bold and graphic effect in any room. The tiles are made of ceramic. They are stylish, appealing and also very durable. If you are looking for a minimalist design in the market that still gets your job done, this is the option for you.

Berkeley Ceramic Subway Tile in Arctic White

This Berkeley Ceramic Subway Tile in Arctic White is another simple and minimalist design with beautiful patterns and colors. Its stylish appearance and unique design make it the perfect choice for any decor. The tiles are also relatively affordable compared to the other options on this list. They are ideal for people on a budget.

Artea porcelain field tile in dark gray / white

The Artea porcelain field tile in dark gray / white has a simple pattern of white and black. The eye-catching design is characterized by a cool white background with smooth surfaces. The tiles are also impermeable and very non-slip. The tile can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your needs.

Atticas Random Sized Ceramic Split Face Tile in Brown

This sturdy and stone-like tile design is the perfect definition of vintage. It’s one of the strongest, most durable options on this list. The tile work can be used for the driveway or any other high traffic area. Its unique charm paired with the masterful, robust finish will attract everyone’s attention.

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