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IKEA Kitchen Islands

IKEA Kitchen Islands

IKEA kitchen islands are attractive as they provide extra space for storage in kitchens. The best part? They’re inexpensive and flexible enough to fit into any room arrangement. You can even put one in a corner and just move it around if you need to.

A kitchen island, especially a mobile one, is a must-have for you if you have a small kitchen as it doesn’t take up too much valuable space but already offers additional storage space and counter space that you can use for preparing meals. You also have much easier and quicker access to items in your kitchen as most IKEA kitchen islands come with open or closed shelves.

There’s no denying that kitchen islands are smart investments. But which one should you choose? The online marketplace is full of amazing versions that you will have to guess for yourself every decision you make. Don’t worry, you don’t have to search the market like we did for you! Just read on, we’ve listed the best IKEA kitchen islands you can get today!

Check them out below.

IKEA STENSTORP kitchen island

If you already have an island, but want another one that not only offers additional storage space, but also offers your children their own meeting point, the STENSTORP kitchen island is a good choice. It will add an adjoining seating and work area for young children that is close to the kitchen action and your main island. It’s also great as it is low in height, which means it can be paired with low chairs that are not dangerous for children in case they tip over.

Of course, the island’s main purpose is to provide a solution for small kitchens that lack the surface to prepare and dice food and keep the spices and ingredients used regularly within easy reach. This IKEA product is exactly what you need when you have. Since it is an open shelf under the counter, you have unlimited options for what to store, including plate ware!

It measures 49 5/8 x 31 1/8 “and features a sturdy solid oak construction with an oak worktop and stainless steel shelves.

IKEA VADHOLMA kitchen island

Next up is the same unit as the first kitchen island we featured, but with a lovely black finish added to the wood structure. It’s a beautiful island that you can use as a breakfast nook or a meeting place where kids can relax over lunch or dinner. Across the other side of this kitchen island are shelves that can be used to store various items, from plates, utensils, and ingredients to mixers, microwaves, and other kitchen gadgets.

Even if you weren’t gifted with a massive kitchen, it doesn’t mean your kitchen should be any less functional. Keep it organized, efficient, and cozy with this 49 5 / 8×31 1 / 8×35 3/8 “, beautifully finished island. The piece goes well with 24” bar stools. If you’re still in doubt as to whether the black finish will suit your space, it would be best if your kitchen has a trendy piece with an industrial twist.

IKEA VADHOLMA mini kitchen island

Just because your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t have an island addition! The VADHOLMA kitchen island in black is a larger and less wide version of the aforementioned island. Their slim and slim profile ensures that your new kitchen addition does not overwhelm a small room. With the two shelves and narrow drawer it comes with, it also offers the level of functionality and utility you are looking for.

The clean lines of this wooden island give the design an updated, modern flair. The black finish also looks elegant and fits seamlessly into kitchens regardless of the color scheme.

It’s a piece that is easy to assemble and also looks and feels a lot more expensive than its price tag. If you want to repaint the part to match your new kitchen island, this is a good idea too.

VADHOLMA kitchen island with frame in black

Since we are really happy and satisfied with this kitchen addition, we are presenting the VADHOLMA kitchen island again, but this time with a frame. Since you already know all of the island’s great features, let’s focus on the extra rack for this section.

As you can see in the picture, it is a multifunctional rack with a powder-coated steel construction. With this piece, we are sure that ladles will never be scattered everywhere in your kitchen and whisk and spatula will sit where they should never be.

The frame is so versatile that it can be used to store any kitchen item you want. It’s basically a piece that you should get when you want to free up multiple kitchen drawers and cabinets. Trust us when we say your tiny kitchen will feel like a spacious high-end kitchen with this piece. Also note that the rack allows you to enjoy additional storage space without compromising your bank account or the aesthetics of your kitchen!

You already know the dimensions of the island, but its total height when the rack is added will be 193 cm. Make sure there are no pendant lights that will hit the rack as you add them.

IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart in black

If you are looking for an inexpensive utility vehicle trolley made of hard-wearing powder-coated steel that offers a little more storage space compared to the kitchen islands we have presented, take a look at this one. It’s a kitchen cart that is made entirely of metal and has an attractive, shiny finish. While this shelf trolley does not offer any additional work area, it is perfect for storing devices, gadgets and utensils. It can even be used as a serving trolley for your next party.

Because it comes with casters, you won’t find it difficult to access the items stored on the device. The RÅSKOG Utility Cart is an affordable product and can be used for countless purposes. It’s pocket-friendly too, and its simple metal design gives you the guarantee that it will blend in with your kitchen decor. When it’s fully assembled it measures 13 3 / 4×17 3 / 4×30 3/4 “so it easily fits into corners.

IKEA STENSTORP kitchen trolley in white

If you are looking for a more robust, mobile kitchen island, the STENSTORP kitchen trolley in white is a good option for you. It’s a durable, solid oak kitchen cart with strong stainless steel shelves.

The device features a sustainable hardwood top that is praised by thousands of users as being solid and thick. It’s an ideal cart for chefs who need additional cutting and prep space. The shelves on this cart can be used to store cookbooks, gadgets, and more as they are strong.

Despite its sturdy construction, the entire part can be easily rolled and maneuvered thanks to the premium castors attached to two legs. This high quality cart costs more than your simple kitchen cart. However, because of its versatility and durability, you will get the functionality you are looking for and years of good use. The entire cart measures 31 1 / 8×20 1 / 8×35 3/8 “when fully assembled.


The beauty of an IKEA kitchen island lies not only in its aesthetics, but also in its versatility. With the RIMFORSA workbench, you can prepare yourself one day as a sous chef and the next as a sleepy hostess of a Sunday breakfast. It has a sturdy bamboo workbench, spacious drawers, storage hooks and stainless steel shelves. Make the piece an island that will work overtime in your kitchen! It is definitely the piece that will suit your needs.

With its overall dimensions of 47 1 / 4×25 5 / 8×36 1/4 “it packs a punch with every single inch. Since the piece is relatively large, it can take at least an hour to assemble. Don’t fret like the muscle it’s needed , justifies its use and impact when included in your kitchen. It is worth it even for its price. It can even make a statement in your kitchen regardless of its design or style. We guarantee it will turn into one of the most will be the pieces of furniture in your kitchen that will be used the most.

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