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Contemporary sofa beds are simple much economical for any home

Contemporary sofa beds are simple much economical for any home

Who says you need a mattress for every sofa bed? The traditional sofa beds are designed to always go with at least a twin size mattress folded underneath the base of the sofa and require some two to three steps mechanism to get it into the bed form.

However, the contemporary sofa beds through the creativity and trying out new innovation drive of manufacturers have made out much economical and simpler designs that are more direct and easy to convert.

Frames of contemporary sofa beds

As usual, wood and metals are the primary design material for contemporary sofa beds as with others. Where the wood is for the sofa and the metal is for the bed.

There are, however, some visible differences in the design patterns of the contemporary sofa bed. They tend to have higher and solid metal legs. These are rightly because the legs would be the support legs of the bed after the conversion. It is also common to see the sofas without arms unlike in the traditional designs.

The contemporary forms are much simpler sofas and are lightweight finishes.

Pull out sofa beds

This is like the traditional sofa bed design but in this case, you won’t see a mattress coming along with your pull out, instead the pull-out has a cushion similar to the seat and makes an extension to the seat surface for a large enough sleeping space.

Convertible sofa beds

The convertible contemporary sofa beds are a lot simpler to operate. The much simple designs convert the backrest into a flat surface to match with the sofa seat surface forming a larger sleeping bed. Some are done by raising the base up till a click is made and bringing it back down which by then, the backrest would have flattened down.

Unlike in the above convertible where no headboard is formed, there are some other convertibles that convert the backrest and the arms to a headboard. This conversion may take a three step move to achieve. This is the fold out style mechanism type.

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