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Towel Rack Ideas

Towel Rack Ideas

One consideration that you want to take into account in your decision is this Number of people living in your room. It is possible to buy towel rails that will work for a range of people! It is also important what type of towel rail you choose: some, such as B. Hooks, can be adjusted to the number of people you expect at home.

There are two common sizes of towel rails:

It is possible to find towel rails in longer or shorter lengths, but these are the easiest to find. To the Bath towelsIn particular, you’ll want to find a longer one in the 30 to 36 inches range.

Where should you hang your towel rail? If possible, it should be very close to your shower or bath – preferably an adjacent wall. However, you should make sure that it is screwed into very solid studs as it will have to support the entire weight of a wet towel Make up your walls will partially determine where it can go.

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