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Room Divider

Room Divider

Unless you are looking to opt for a single panel or a curtain-style hanging design, ask yourself these questions to find out how many panels to look for:

  • What do you mainly need a room divider for?

When it’s mostly for decorative purposesThere is no real reason to go beyond two. if you have to Accentuate a small area or provide some privacy behind that, four panels are a good starting point; However, if you prefer Enclose an entire area from wall to wallLook for wider designs with six or more panels.

  • How big is the room and this particular area?

Unless you opt for extra wide panels. The wider the area, the more you will need! Make sure you measure it to know how long your room divider needs to be. Note, however, that its maximum length is less than stated by the manufacturer because it is slightly folded. to avoid disappointment and to adapt to its shape in accordion style, Calculate the actual end length by subtracting about 20%.

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