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Here is what you need to know about birch flooring

Here is what you need to know about birch flooring

Hardwood flooring is easily amongst the most popular flooring options. One of the most proffered in this category is birch flooring.  Homeowners are now putting in a lot of effort into finding the right flooring types, and generally, it narrows down their options to oak, birch and maple. If you are considering birch as you preferred hardwood, then keeping in a mind a few of these things as enumerated ahead will probably help you quite a bit!

Birch- what it is

Birch is a medium-sized tree, found mostly in the northern hemisphere. One of the characteristic features of birch that makes it a great choice is the large variety of color gradations that are available. Every tone from sapwood to heartwood is different, and this enchanting visual appeal of birch that makes it such a unique option. Birch flooring, with all its warmth, is suitable for the living rooms and bedrooms, which are low-traffic areas.

Shoppers are often a little reluctant to choosing birch on the first go- is that the right decision to make, or is this simply due to a lack of enough information? Read on to find out!

Is the price worth the performance?

One of the issues that come with installation birch flooring is that it is not suitable for installation in high-traffic areas, and if this were done, then the amount of maintenance needed would be much higher, than in case of oak or maple. This is primarily because birch is softer than all these options. The price of birch is also something that can vary greatly, almost as much as the color tones!

However, birch still comes together to be a wonderful flooring option for the living room and bedrooms. With its grain patterns, flooring that has birch offers an un-stated appeal, and it gives the appearance of enhanced space in a room. Thus, for those who are looking for the kind of flooring that would help them make the rooms look playful and a little bigger, then birch may just be the right option.

The final word

While birch is certainly less expensive than maple, given the proper maintenance, it can offer a similar performance. However, it will not work as well as maple in conditions of moisture. If you are looking for a visual memorization through your flooring, and are all for providing the right care, then you can quite easily get birch flooring and make it last as long as a century!

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