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Garden ideas and designs in low maintenance

Garden ideas and designs in low maintenance

In a home, a well maintained garden will provides an appealing aspect. But maintaining a garden that is picturesque is time consuming as well as a difficult process. For the people who do not has so much of time to work in the garden, such people can move to few low maintenance garden ideas. During the process of designing a garden with low maintenance, it is important to consider the material used in whole garden.

Use some solid materials such as stone, slate, gravel and treated timber, as hard landscaping in a garden will create a landscape which need less attention. Thus, here are some suggestions for a low maintenance garden ideas are

Decking- it is an area that is visually appeal and require no maintenance and it is used for dining in sunny days.

Paths- well designed garden having path is certain for cutting down the areas of high maintenance.

Paving- paving area reduce the high maintenance lawn and it also create good design feature.

Conifers- a conifer is available in about fifteen hundred varieties. Thus pick up certain slow growing plants which reduce pruning need in future.

Patio- a nice patio area can reduce the intensive labor and provides a space for relaxing and eating also.

Complex border shapes- such type of gardens are difficult to handle thus a straight edge garden is simply handled.

Bulbs- it is easy to maintain as once it is planted then it will be flourish in every season.

High maintenance life of plant- in such situation plants like rose require regular pruning, on the other hand hanging basket items are maintained difficultly.

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