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Credenza Desk

Credenza Desk

Because of the versatility of a sideboard-desk, it’s difficult to go wrong purchasing one for your home or office. You can use it as a workspace, for example. Alternatively, it can also be used as storage space or for organizational purposes. A beautifully designed sideboard-desk can also serve as a decorative element and enhance the ambience of the room.

Because of the versatility of a sideboard-desk, it’s difficult to go wrong purchasing one for your home or office. You can use it as a workspace, for example. Alternatively, it can also be used as storage space or for organizational purposes. A beautifully designed sideboard-desk can also serve as a decorative element and enhance the ambience of the room.

Hillsdale L-shape Credenza desk with hutch

A sideboard desk that is mainly made of wood. That also means that it is not only stylish but also an affordable option.

The device is available in either expresso oak or harvest cherry color. In addition to the appealing aesthetics, this sideboard offers you a lot of work surface and storage space. It comes with seven open shelves and one shelf that is covered. It also has two drawers, and one is specially designed for folders and legal documents.

Treviso Executive Desk with Hutch

With its exquisite Renaissance look, this desk is sure to be a desirable piece for lovers of the classics. What is more surprising is that the desk has hidden technology. In particular, it has two USB ports and two power sockets that you can use to power your devices.

In addition to the abundance of shelves and cupboards, the desk also has a single integrated work light. It’s an excellent traditional looking desk that is a good mix of old and new.

Corner Credenza desk

If you want to take full advantage of a corner area, this sideboard desk might be for you. With a rustic finish and along with the main material of oak veneer and rubber wood solids, it is a piece of furniture that is both very durable and exceptionally stylish.

The desk is L-shaped and offers you plenty of work space. It has seven drawers and a fast document organization system.

Flannagan L-Shape Left Return Executive Desk

A sideboard desk that is finely crafted to convey elegance and luxury. With an English cherry color and a glossy finish, it’s a desk that belongs to an executive office.

Another important point to know about this desk is that it doesn’t just look “expensive”. It is a high-end desk indeed as it is made from solid wood rather than engineered wood or plywood. If you want to tell the world that you “made it” then this is the perfect desk to do so.

Quevillon Credenza desk

If you’re looking for a desk that doesn’t require assembly and looks great, this is a great option. With its powdery white color and wood finish, it gives a relaxed English country atmosphere.

The desk has two closed cabinets that offer storage space on the floor. The main switch is not that spacious compared to others, but it is sufficient for most people. With five drawers and lots of shelves, it’s a piece that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Wendover Credenza desk

This sideboard desk has a warm, traditional look, but has room for modern technology. This desk will last more than a lifetime as the main material is solid cherry wood.

The piece comes with a strategically placed “power bar” that houses two USB ports and two sockets. When you use this desk, you don’t have to just crawl or bend to power your devices.

All drawers are equipped with metal slides and ball bearings to ensure a long service life and smooth operation.

View Mt. Office Credenza Desk

It’s a traditionally designed desk with a hidden function. The desk looks like a high-end sideboard desk with flashy hardware. And it’s a top piece indeed, considering it’s mostly made of solid wood.

The exciting feature of the desk is hidden behind the top middle drawer. To pull out the drawer, there is a compartment specially developed for the mouse and keyboard. Together with the built-in USB ports and sockets, it’s a luxurious and classy piece that is compatible with the modern world.

U-shaped executive desk with hutch

This piece of furniture can easily be seen as the “ultimate”. When you receive this, there is no need to purchase any additional furniture.

The piece features a U-shaped desk that paves the way to a very spacious work area. It’s very generous when it comes to the drawers, so you barely run out of storage space. The stall comes with display window style cabinets. It’s a perfect place to display awards and valuable possessions.

Executive desk double platform

A sideboard-desk that is not only luxurious on the outside but also on the inside. The outside of the desk is a deep brown. It has finely crafted design elements, including the eye-catching hardware additions. Also, most of the drawers are lined with soft felt to protect your valuables and make the desk feel comfortable.

The hardware has a dark brown finish that perfectly matches the color of the desk. The desk is also equipped with keyboard memory and a cable management system.

Double pedestal desk and hutch

A sideboard desk that is much more than the “normal” one. For one, it’s a double pedestal desk and it also comes with a hutch. In addition, it is a piece that is made from solid wood. In other words, it has a lot of features and is built to last.

The desk has five drawers and three cabinets that can be used to store a wide variety of items, from folders to legal-sized documents to pens. Thanks to the oak finish, the piece exudes an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. The black painted hardware adds a touch to this sophisticated look.

What’s the Best Credenza Desk to Buy?

As you may have noticed from the list above, sideboard-desks come in many different types and styles. Because of the varieties, most buyers don’t know where to start. To make the task easier, you can filter out the choices that do not apply to your situation. If you’re having trouble filtering your selections, the buying guide below can help.


One of the first things to decide is the shape of the sideboard-desk. A sideboard desk usually has a rectangular shape, an L shape, or a U shape.

Rectangular form – A shape that is considered a “base shape”. The advantage of the rectangular shape is that it easily fits into any type of room. It’s also the most economical option, which makes it a good candidate if your budget is a little tight. Don’t expect too much in terms of workspace and storage space.

U shape – A configuration similar to the letter “U”. Due to the size and shape of the U-shape, it becomes a natural focal point of the room. It also has the advantage of offering the most desk space compared to the other options. However, the U shape is also the most expensive.

L shape – A desk setup that looks like the letter “L”. In terms of desk area, it offers more space than the rectangular one, but not as much compared to the U shape. When it comes to price, it is generally somewhere between the rectangular and the U shape. A major disadvantage of the L-shape is inflexibility. In most cases, the shape is either left or right aligned. In other words, the left-facing L shape might work for this room, but it might not go well with the other.

Wood species

The wood from which a sideboard-desk is made comes in three main types. There is solid wood, particle board and plywood. The reason this factor is very important is because it has a significant impact on price and durability.

Solid wood – A term that usually means wood that has not gone through a gluing and / or compression process. It has the advantage of being the most durable, but it is also the most expensive.

Chipboard – A type of wood that is a product made from sawdust that has been glued and pressed into shape. Since sawdust is a cheap raw material, it also means that particle board is the most economical option compared to solid wood and plywood.

plywood – A type of wood that is created by compressing and gluing thin wooden panels. This type of wood is more durable than fiberboard, but not as strong compared to solid wood. However, it has the advantage that it is more economical than its solid wood counterpart.


Before purchasing a sideboard desk, it is a good idea to take an accurate size measurement. Avoid “feeling” the dimensions as it is easy to make a mistake. You can first visualize where you want to place the desk. Then just measure the general area and write it down. When shopping, make sure the desk fits in the area you just measured.

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