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Factors to consider when you display your kitchen rug

Factors to consider when you display your kitchen rug

There are many factors that you need to consider when you are looking to use a kitchen rug to enhance the look in this important room. The right rug will give a certain undeniable and irresistible flair and bring positive attention from all of your guests.

The first thing that you need to consider when you add a new rug to your kitchen décor is that the color of the rug compliments the décor that you have already added.

1 Color:

When you consider the color for your kitchen rug look at the color, of all of your appliances, the color of the floor, the color or the wall paint or paper, and even the color and texture of any paintings or wall decoration that you are using. If you work it right you may even be able to match the rug to several different colored pieces or items of décor.

If you are using bland or earth tone colors in your kitchen a brightly colored rug may add a positive splash and really stand out. Geometric patterns will also work well here but you need to be cognizant of the pattern and texture of your flooring. You certainly would not use a rug with round patterns if you have rectangular tile.

  1. Size:

I should remind you that size and shape need to be considered at the same time when you consider the kitchen rug. A round rug would not fit in with a long rectangular kitchen space. A long rectangular rug by the same token does no good in a large round or rectangular kitchen. If your kitchen is large use a large rug. If it is small use a small one.

You can also use the shape of the kitchen rug to highlight one particular appliance or feature that you want to highlight. A long rug can be used to draw the attention of the viewer to a certain appliance or piece of furniture.

  1. Location:

You want to display your kitchen rug in the right location in order to get maximum effect or benefit. Naturally the rug serves a purpose and you want it in a trafficked area. You may want to use it to protect your floor rather than for looks. In that case you place it where it will guard against floor spills and stains, but it you are using your rug to accent the kitchen décor place it where your visitors will appreciate it most.

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