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Decorative Electric Fireplace

Decorative Electric Fireplace

A decorative electric fireplace offers the warmth that real fireplaces provide to make your living space a great place for you and your family to relax and enjoy life. When making a big purchase, it pays to be informed. This article discusses the main points to consider when choosing an electric fireplace that will be a good addition to your home. Let us begin!


Size is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a new electric fireplace. First, determine how much space you can reserve for the installation. An electric fireplace is practical because it comes in different sizes. You are sure to find a model that fits your living room perfectly.

heating capacity

Another important aspect is the heat output of the device. The main reason you think of a wall-mounted or free-standing fireplace is the ability to warm up a room. You want to know how much heat you can get out of the device because your entire space needs to be cozy and warm during the winter season.


The last important aspect to consider is the warranty of a device. As with any electronic device, there is a chance that a problem will arise. It is necessary that you know the type of guarantee a manufacturer offers on their products in order to know how much coverage you can get. A good product always comes with a comprehensive guarantee to protect the buyer from defects caused by the manufacturer. Think about all of the above and you will be more satisfied with your purchase. Now let’s get to the fun part: shopping! Take a look at our top offers, they are sure to impress you!

Sunbury 58 “TV stand with electric fireplace

This TV stand with electric fireplace is available in different colors and has a contemporary design that looks sharp in any living environment. The electric fireplace can heat up to 400 square feet of space. It uses infrared heat to warm the air. Since the entire piece is quite large, we recommend that you measure the possible placement in your home.

A 48 “TV stand with fireplace

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse’s Serein TV Stand and Electric Fireplace doubles as a convenient, family-friendly entertainment hub. Flanked with beautifully crafted shelves, it is the ideal storage space for DVDs, books and decorative pieces. Just like the first placer, the electric fireplace can heat up to 400 square feet of space.

Inglenook 58 “TV stand with fireplace

This 2-in-1 set with a TV stand and an electric fireplace is perfect if you are looking for an attractive and well-built electric fireplace that is installed on a stunning TV stand. It comes at a surprisingly affordable price, even when packed with amazing features, including two adjustable interior shelves, a realistic flame effect, and built-in thermal overload protection.

Rickard 59 “TV stand with fireplace

The Rickard TV Stand with Fireplace by Zipcode Design is perfect for use in small to medium-sized houses and apartments and has an electric heater with a space heating capacity of 400 square feet. Since the entire piece is the ideal size for TV stands, you can finally replace your old entertainment stand and freshen up the look of your living room.

Portable electric fireplace with 3D flames

Do you love the look and feel of vintage stoves? If so then you would love this vintage style freestanding electric fireplace. Despite its small size, it can heat up to 400 square feet of space. It even has realistic looking logs of wood burning behind tough glass. This model is very compact, so you can easily place it wherever you want – yes, even in a corner of your house!

Wendy standard electric fireplace

This mantelpiece-style fireplace is equipped with undulating LED artificial flames. This piece gives a slim profile as well as a mounting depth of less than 15 inches. It is made of hard-wearing wood with corrugated pillars as accents that blend in inconspicuously in your living space. The warm position of the fireplace can be controlled with a remote control and the device can be connected to the standard socket.

Silverton electric fireplace

This Real Flame electric fireplace with mantelpiece uses the latest holographic technology and generates heat up to 4700 BTU. It is enough to warm up a small apartment and redesign it with the transition style and clean lines of the mantelpiece. The fireplace itself can create a 3D simulation of log burning.

Clairevale wall fireplace

If you don’t like the idea of ​​sacrificing looks and performance along with a huge area of ​​coverage, we have exactly what you need: this Wade Logan electric fireplace that can offer a lavish and luxurious experience. This is a wall mounted electric fireplace that may require some effort during the installation phase. Once this is done, you will be stress-free for years!

Rena Corner 48 “TV stand with fireplace

This one is currently on sale, so hurry up before stocks run out! The Rena Corner 48 “TV Stand with Fireplace from Union Rustic uses infrared heat to heat your living space without drying out the entire area. It has a fan and two cabinets with tempered glass. But the list of incredible features doesn’t end there, because this model can also display flames without turning on the heater, so your living room looks and feels cozy all year round.

Solvi simple electric fireplace

Another classic electric fireplace with a mantelpiece. The compact design with clean edges enables quick and easy placement even in small corners and spaces. It features an LED screen that projects realistic flames, a no-heat option, as well as the ability to warm up in up to 400 square feet of space. It’s a regal but unassuming looking model that is an excellent option for people looking for a heating source that is quick and easy to assemble.

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