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Crocheted Bed Skirts

Crocheted bed skirts can add mood and personality to your bedroom. Depending on the pattern and color, a bed skirt with crochet details can give your oasis a neutral, masculine or feminine feel. Just as shoes can completely change an outfit, the right bed skirt can also change the look ...

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Decorative Wall Mount Mailboxes

If you don’t want to pick up your mail from the post office, a PO Box is an essential part of every home. A simple box from your local department store might do the job, but why settle for the normal when your mailbox can do so much more? Make ...

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Decorative Floor Tile Inserts

Decorative floor tile inserts are one way of changing the appearance of a floor, countertop, or table. They can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the type of tile. Some tiles are impermeable while others absorb moisture. Hence, it’s a good idea to carefully review the specifications of your ...

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Makeup Organizers

You should also choose your holder for what types of makeup can hold it in place. There are some simple general tips that you should follow to make sure you find the right organizer for the types of products you have. If you only have the basics like lipstick, foundation, ...

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Cruets Ideas

In addition to adding instant style to your table, cruets are extremely practical. Whether you want to drizzle chili oil over your pizza, drip dressing over your salad, or quickly add a dash of olive oil to your pan of fried potatoes, a skillet makes it easy to pour just ...

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Hammock Stand & Accessories

The fact that you don’t have two strategically placed trees doesn’t mean you have to give up your hammock dream! A versatile stand can transform any place in your garden or patio into your new siesta area in minutes. Just make sure you choose a hammock stand and accessories that ...

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Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

For people who think economically and ecologically, Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic are the best options, especially for rooms that are heavily used. Used milk jugs, bottles and other plastics are used in the manufacture of these chairs. Of course, they are cleaned and processed to make the most ...

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Dining Bowls Ideas

Jen Robison on Instagram: “With summer coming to an end, I'm .

A bowl, sometimes called a bowl, is a plate-sized bowl that can hold all of your dinner from pasta to soup without spilling it. Food bowls are very versatile and will weigh your food while being large enough to allow your fork and knife to freely serve. If you’re looking ...

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Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders

Decorative Ceramic Tile Borders for 2020 - Ideas on Fot

It only takes a few high quality decorative ceramic tiles to completely transform your walls or floors. Ornate tile designs accentuate your home and with several tile designs on the market you are indeed spoiled for choice when it comes to buying. Decorative ceramic tile borders can be used on ...

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Kitchen Canisters & Jars

A well-stocked and well-organized pantry with plenty of matching kitchen canisters and glasses is one of the most aesthetic sights at home! While it may seem like a trivial purchase, these containers can keep your groceries safe for years and (why not?) Turn them into bold, decorative items: don’t buy ...

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